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GeniusLoci Fine Flowers

After spending years behind the counters of posh Yorkville florist I decided to jump into deep waters and open my own flower store. It was a warm June morning when we opened the door to our brand new GeniusLoci Fine Flowers in the heart of Toronto trendy Beach neighborhood. It was scary and exiting, it was the day that changed my life. Unrestricted creativity had to watch only one thing, financial resourses. First year was a crazy roller coster. Crush course in entrepreneurship, fine tuning of the eqipment and supply chains, staff trainig and gazillion of small things left me with little time for my daily boardwalk strolls. But I have survived, local people start noticing me.

"Green Light.."

Great Recession

Fasten the seatbelts

Just three years into my new bussines "unthinkable" happened. The world around us started to crumble. No parachutes, no brakes, free fall for all, or as it turned out later, almost for all. It was tough, it was choppy, but we have survided the rapids, we were still sailing, still in demand.

"Green Light..."


Gaining the momentum

Years following The Graet Recession were filled with awe and admiration for all of my customers. They belive and help me to belive that what we were doing was unique and desirable. New faces, new events, new experences, new goals. Time flied.

"Green Light..."

An Anchor

Balancing Act

I have noticed I was living my life in my flower store. My husband suggested to take a leap of faith and reinvent GeniusLoci Fine Flowers to let us find some more time for us. The Beach store was closed, the Leaside studio was opened. My customes followed me.

"Green Light..."

The Shore

Sand between toes

It took me twelve years to find the balance between my life and my business. Longer than anticipated, but with much more freedom than expected. Our extended vacations took us places, uncovered forgotten lust for learning new things. Life become fuller and happier.

"Green Light..."


The Year of COVId-19

Start of the 2020 was remarkable. We welcomed New Year in The Eternal City. Cheerful crowd of locals and turists from all over the world didn't sense any lurking danger. Few caughing and sneezing didn't bother anyone. After ten days in crowdy places in Rome we left for our long trip south. No more crowds, just stunning sites and amazing Calabrian and Sicilian food. La dolce vita.

Everything changed the moment we landed back at home. First Canadian COVID-19 patient, first death, lockdown... The sky was imploding on us... But we survided, regained the balance, resolved to be helpful...

"Green Light..."

Shop Local

Shopify New Store

It's the fifth online opening for us. Our first online store opened back in 2004. It was new and labour intense enterprise. From the start I wanted my online store to be unique and one of a kind, the mirror image of my beautiful Beach GeniusLoci Fine Flowers store. We built it from the scratch. Our bouquets took virtual stage, any interesting bouquet created in the store, hours later was available online. Except it was 2004, almost nobody was checking what was available online. But we kept going, learning, building new onlline stores. Eventually people noticed us. We were constantly impoving. In 2020 Shopify upped their game and finally met our expectations. Time for one more migration.

"Green Light..."

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