Celebrating Mother’s Day Sunday May 12 2024

Mother's Day is a fun day to celebrate your mom, grandma, step mom, or wife who is a mom. It can be hard to come up with how exactly to make her feel special, but this list of Mother's Day traditions is sure to help you. 
Breakfast in bed: give mom a relaxing morning by serving her breakfast in bed. This will be a nice break from jumping out of bed and making breakfast for everyone else. She'll love it even if it's not a fancy breakfast. This is a great start to mom's special day. 
Go on a hike: if mom loves the outdoors, then a hike with family is something she'll love. 
At home spa day: after a hike p
amper mama with a spa day at home. You can setup a pedicure station, give her a facial, and paint her fingernails. This will help her feel relaxed. 
Make mom’s favourite meal for dinner: give her the day off by making dinner for her. She'll especially love it if you make her favorite meal. 
And don’t forget to send her flowers: mom will feel so special if you remember what her favorite flowers are. Order them online and have them delivered a day ahead of the Holiday. If you need some help with that, we will gladly assist you.